Save As

Use this submenu to save the active image in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, “raw”, FITS, PGM or PNG format. Can also be used to save measurement results, lookup tables, selections, and selection XY coordinates.

Saves the active image or stack in TIFF format. TIFF is the only format (other than “raw”) that supports all ImageJ data types and the only format that saves spatial and density calibration.

Saves the active image in GIF format. RGB images must first be converted to 8-bit color using using the Image>Type>8-bit Color command. With v1.39 and later, stacks are saved as animated GIFs. Use Image>Stacks>Animation Options to set the frame rate.

Saves the active image in JPEG format. Use Edit/Options/JPEG Quality to specify the JPEG compression level (0-100). Lower values produce smaller files but poorer quality. Larger values produce larger files but better quality. Warning: the JPEG compressed format is lossy and results in artefacts. This format should not be used if you plan to make measurements on the image or do any further processing.

The Save as JPEG macro creates a command that allows the user to press “j' to set the compression level and save in JPEG format.

Saves the active image or stack as a TIFF file inside a compressed ZIP archive.

Raw Data…
Saves the active image or stack as raw pixel data without a header.

* 8-bit images are saved as unsigned bytes,
* unsigned 16-bit images are saved as unsigned shorts
* signed 16-bit images (e.g., File>Open Samples>CT) are saved as signed shorts.
* 32-bit images are saved as floats and
* RGB images are saved in three bytes per pixel (24-bits interleaved) format.

16-bit and 32-bit (float) images are saved using big-endian byte order unless “Export Raw in Intel Byte Order” is checked in the Edit>Options>Input/Output dialog box.
Note that the option to save in Intel byte order requires ImageJ 1.37 or later.

Image Sequence…
Saves all the slices in the active stack as separate tiff, gif, jpeg or raw files.

Saves the active stack as an uncompressed AVI file, using the frame rate defined in the Image>Stacks>Animation Options dialog box.
Windows users can use VirtualDub to open uncompressed AVI files and resave as a compressed AVI. Macintosh users can use the QuickTime Movie Player program to open uncompressed AVI files and, with the Pro version, resave in compressed QuickTime format.

Saves the active image in BMP format.

Saves the active image in PNG format. This is a non-lossy compressed format.

Saves the active image in PGM format.

Saves the active image in FITS format. FITS stands for Flexible Image Transport System and is the most commonly used file format in astronomy. It saves 8-bit (by converting to 16-bit) and signed 16-bit (by converting to float) images.

Saves the active image's lookup table to a file. The 768 byte file consists of 256 red values, 256 green values and 256 blue values.

Saves the current area selection boundary to a file. Use File>Open to restore the selection.

XY Coordinates…
Exports the XY coordinates of the line selection or area selection boundary as a two column, tab-delimited text file. Coordinates of rectangular, oval and straight line selections can not be exported. Use the Path Writer plugin plugin to save coordinates at evenly spaced one pixel intervals.

Exports the contents of the “Results” window as a tab-delimited text file.

Saves the active image as a spreadsheet compatible tab-delimited text file. For calibrated images and floating-point images, the “Decimal Places” field in Analyze>Set Measurements determines the number of digits to the right of the decimal point. For RGB images, each pixel is converted to grayscale using the formula:

gray = 0.299 * red + 0.587 * green + 0.114 * blue

or the formula:

gray = (red + green + blue) / 3

if “Unweighted RGB to Grayscale Conversion” is checked in Edit>Options>Conversions.

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