This submenu contains commands that work with HyperStacks.

New HyperStack

Creates a new hyperstack. Hyperstacks have Slices (z dimension), Time frames (t dimension), Channels (c dimension), Width and Height.

Stack to HyperStack

Converts a Stack into a HyperStack. RGB stacks are converted into 3 channel HyperStacks.

HyperStack to Stack

Converts a HyperStack into a Stack.

Reduce Dimensionality

This command, based on Jerome Mutterer's Reduce_HyperStack macro, reduces the dimensionality of an hyperstack by creating a new hyperstack with all the channels and time points at a given z position, or all the z slices for the current channel and time point, etc.


Lets you display the channels in Composite, RGB or Greyscale mode, create a composite or convert into an RGB image.

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