How to add a plugin to the plugin list?

  • To add a new plugin to the ImageJ documentation wiki you have to be a registered user. If you are not registered you may do this now: register.
  • Before submitting a plugin description be sure to login to the wiki.
  • Select the ”Create New Content” from the left sidebar.

  • Give the plugin an appropriate name and select ”Plugin” as type for the new wiki page.
  • Before submitting the form select the correct category for the plugin.

  • Now the new page will be generated from a template. You only have to complete it.
  • After saving the page you have to add your page to the plugin list. By adding something like to the previously chosen category.
* [[namespace|A good title]] 
the namespace can be found in the address bar of your browser. e.g. plugin:aligning:image_stabilizer:start
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