A plugin to allow manual shifing (move in the x and y directions) stretching and rotatetion of a particular slice in an image stack.


by G. Landini



This plugin is for manual alignment. There are other plugins that can perform this task automatically (for example StaclReg and TurboReg).





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Known Bugs

display difference
Posted by Peter Cloetens at 2006-09-20 02:33

Hi, It would be nice to have the possibility to display the difference with a reference image (for example 
the first slice of the stack or the previous slice). This would help to speed-up the alignment. One can do
 this by choosing the paste mode of ImageJ but I never managed to use this in a plugin or macro. Peter
display difference
Posted by G. Landini at 2006-09-20 10:45

I haven't thought of this; it is a good idea. I will try to implement this. Thanks for the idea. Gabriel
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