3D MereoTopology

Computes RCC8D relationship between 3D Objects.


Thomas Boudier with the collaboration of G. Landini and D. Randell.


Objects can have many relationship between them (inclusion, overlapping, …). All the possible relationship are formalized in the MereoTopology approach (see Landini's page for details).

You need two images with labelled objects.


For details go to the 3D ImageJ Suite.


When using the 3D Analysis plugins for publication, please refer to :

J. Ollion, J. Cochennec, F. Loll, C. Escudé, T. Boudier. (2013) TANGO: A Generic Tool for High-throughput 3D Image Analysis for Studying Nuclear Organization. Bioinformatics 2013 Jul 15;29(14):1840-1. doi

DA. Randell, G. Landini,A. Galton. (2012) Discrete Mereotopology for Spatial Reasoning in Automated Histological Image Analysis. IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell. 2012 May 31. doi


GPL distribution (see licence ). Sources for plugins are available freely. Sources for core are available on request.


  • 24/10/2013 core V2.7 : improved computation for isotropic analysis (RX=RY=RZ)
  • 27/04/2015 core V3.1 : bug in colocalisation (rare objects configuration)
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