a LUT editor with a few gradient functions. Tailored towards the recoloring of fluorescence images.



LUT_Panel is an ImageJ plugin that allows you to create and manage multiple LUT for your 8-bits images.


  • quick buttons for Red, Green and Blue
  • recolor an existing LUT using color swatches. Similar to commercial software packages.
  • define basic gradients. This function should be improved.
  • preview function

The Lut_Panel is very useful if installed along the LSM_Toolbox as it adds recoloring options to the toolbox.


The Lut_Panel is packaged as jar file.

  • Download it from here
  • Copy the jar file to your ImageJ plugins folder
  • Restart ImageJ. The plugin can be accessed through the ImageJ plugins menu


Lut_Panel is subject to the GPL v2 which you can read here. The Source is included in the installation jar.

Known bugs

none so far…


v2.1 2003/03/11

  • Preview buttons added to LUT modifying dialogs

v2.0 2003/03/15

  • up to 5 colors gradients. LUT editor is included.

v1.0 2003/03/11

  • initial release


Contact Patrick if you find any bugs or if you'd like to see a feature appear in a new release.

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