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The DICOM Tools are a Java library to perform high-level DICOM operations. It is based on dcm4che version 2, the Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI) and ImageJ. The library includes stand-alone applications as well as ImageJ plugins. It can be used as a library in own custom applications as well. It offers functionality to read and write DICOM files from a disc or a DICOMDIR file-set (e.g. DICOM CD), work with the DICOM header, anonymize images and send, receive or query images from a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) via network. The following DICOM network services are provided by the tools: C-ECHO-SCU/SCP, STORAGE-SCP, QUERY/RETRIEVE-SCU. Additionally it offers components to view DICOM images with features like windowing, zooming, shifting, measuring etc.. . Most of the included functionalities can be used in ImageJ macros. You can explore how to use them by using the macro recorder of ImageJ.

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