Chow and Kaneko binarization


This plugin perform a binarization using Chow and Kaneko algorithm.

This plugin binarize a grayscale image using a threshold map. Local thresholds are calculated on a grid by Otsu method and interpolated to the full-size image.

Plugin example

Original image / Plugin calculated local thresholds / Plugin result (grid size : 16 pixels).

Original image Plugin calculated local thresholds Plugin result (bloc size 16)

Other plugins examples

Results with ImageJ existing (2013/01/17) auto local theshold methods (Bernsen, Mean, Median, MidGrey, NiBlack et Sauvola [rayon:15]) :

Plugin download

Plugin installation

Copy the .jar file to your plugins directory and restart “ImageJ”.

You can use the script by menu “ImageJ / Adjust / Chow and Kaneko binarization”

Source files


GPL distribution (see licence ). Sources for plugins are available freely. Sources for core are available on request.


Vincent Vansuyt.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions : vincent dot vansuyt at edf dot fr (preferred language : french)


First version

Know bugs


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