Droplet: Drag and Drop file processor

This plugin shows how a plugin frame can accept drag and drop and trigger a custom action for each file dropped.


Jerome Mutterer (mutterer(at)ibmp.fr) and Wayne Rasband


  • Drop files on the Droplet frame and they will be processed by the selected macro.
  • The choice list shows all macros in the ImageJ/plugins/Droplet Actions/ folder.
  • The '…' edit button opens the selected macro for modifications.
  • Use file=getArgument(); in the Droplet actions macros to retrieve the path of dropped files.


Download droplet_.jar to the plugins folder. Update Menus.

Droplet installs in the Plugins menu.

A ImageJ/plugins/Droplet Actions/ folder will be created with a sample action.



Public Domain


2009/10/21 : 1.0 Initial version

2009/10/25 : 1.01 Works with Linux

Known Bugs


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