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 +====== FAQ: Are there any papers reporting the use of ImageJ ======
 +The ImageJ User Guide has a list of [[http://​​ij/​docs/​guide/​146-References.html#​References|ImageJ Related Publications]]. There is also a similar list on the [[http://​​wiki/​index.php/​Publications|Fiji website]]. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive. Alternatively,​ you can search [[http://​​entrez/​query.fcgi?​db=PubMed&​term=imagej|PubMed]],​ [[http://​​books?​lr=&​ie=ISO-8859-1&​q=ImageJ&​btnG=Search+Books&​as_brr=0|Google Books]] or [[http://​​scholar?​q=ImageJ&​hl=en&​lr=&​btnG=Search|Google Scholar]] with //ImageJ// as a search word…
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