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 +====== FAQ: How do I report a bug? ======
 +**Before** sending a bug report:
 +  - Make sure that this has not already been fixed: **upgrade to the latest version of ImageJ** (by updating the ij.jar file, see this [[faq:​technical:​how_do_i_update_imagej|FAQ:​ How do I update ImageJ?]])
 +  - If possible, try to reproduce the bug on more than one machine.
 +If the problem persists, then send a bug report to //wsr// at // including the following information:​
 +  * OS version
 +  * ImageJ version (shown in// Help/About ImageJ//)
 +  * Java version (shown in// Help/About ImageJ//)
 +  * Memory assigned to ImageJ (shown in// Help/About ImageJ//)
 +  * Any error messages
 +  * Steps needed to reproduce the problem (e.g. a macro that exemplifies the problem)
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