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 +====== FAQ: How do I update ImageJ? ======
 +Once installed, updating ImageJ consists only of downloading the latest **ij.jar** file and copying it into the ImageJ folder (this replaces the current file, so make sure that ImageJ is not running and that the file has the "​write"​ attribute set when you do this).
 +There is no need to download the full installation files again.
 +Note that the installation packages may not contain the latest bug fixes so straight after a first installation it is a good idea to upgrade the ij.jar file.
 +The** latest release update** (with the new features/​bug fixes information) can be found in the [[http://​​ij/​notes.html| ImageJ News]] page (follow the **upgrade** link).
 +**Daily builds** can be downloaded from [[http://​​ij/​ij.jar| http://​​ij/​ij.jar]] (but note that any new features or fixes in the daily builds are probably undocumented).
 +Since version 1.39s you can upgrade (and downgrade) the ij.jar file to other versions (including the daily builds) via the command **//​Plugins>​Utilities>​Upgrade ImageJ...//​**
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