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 +====== Properties... ======
 +**Displays and sets a number of properties of the current image.**
 +[please update]
 +**Width** and **Height,** number of **Channels,​** **Slices** and **Frames** of the image are shown. [please update about Frames]
 +The **Unit of Length** (a string describing the measuring units) by default is "​inches"​ and can be changed to "​cm"​. Changing this string, automatically updates the three properties below:
 +**Pixel Width**, **Height **and** Voxel Depth** (in the Unit of Lenght unit).
 +The **Interval** in seconds and the coordinate reference **Origin** (in pixels) can also be set in this dialog.
 +Check the **Global** option to make the current settings global (i.e. in all images).
 +[image here]
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