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 +====== Macros ======
 +**This submenu contains commands for installing, running and recording macros, as well as any macro commands added by Plugins/​Macros/​Install. Macros contained in a file named "​StartupMacros.txt",​ in the macros folder, are automatically added to this submenu when ImageJ starts up.**
 +==== Install ====
 +Adds one or more macros contained in a file to the bottom of this submenu. To install a set of macros, and at the same time view their source code, open the macro file with **File>​Open** and use the editor'​s **Macros>​Install Macros** command.
 +Macros in the file ImageJ/​macros/​StartupMacros.txt are automatically installed when ImageJ starts up.
 +==== Run... ====
 +Loads and runs a macro without opening it in the ImageJ editor. To run a macro, and at the same time view its source code, open it with **File>​Open** and use the editor'​s **File>​Run Macro** command.
 +==== StartupMacros... ====
 +This command opens the StartupMacros.txt file in a text window and runs the AutoRun() macro contained in it.
 +==== Record... ====
 +Opens the ImageJ command recorder. To create a macro, open the recorder, use one or more ImageJ commands, then click "​Create"​. When the recorder is open, each menu command you use generates a macro run() function call. The run() function has one or two string arguments. The first is the command name. The optional second argument contains dialog box parameters.
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