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 +====== New... ======
 +**Opens a dialog to create a new text file macro, text file, or a plugin of one of the three types of supported by ImageJ (Plugin, Plugin Filter, Plugin Frame).**
 +**Macro**: opens an new text file. The window a menu called **Macros** that lets you run, evaluate, abort or install it.\\
 +**Plugin**: Opens, captures or generates images. Implements the PlugIn interface. The prototype displays "Hello world!"​ in the ImageJ window. Another example is the Step Maker plugin at http://​​ij/​plugins/​steps.html. \\
 +**Plugin Filter**: Processes the active image. Implements the PlugInFilter interface. The prototype inverts the active image twice. Another example is the Image Inverter plugin at http://​​ij/​plugins/​inverter.html. \\
 +**Plugin Frame**: Displays a nonimage window containing controls such as buttons and sliders. Extends the PlugInFrame class. The prototype opens a window containing a text area. Another example is the IP Demo plugin at http://​​ij/​plugins/​ip-demo.html.
 +The text windows created by this command has two menus: **File**, **Edit** and **Font**. Use **Compile and Run** in the **File** menu to compile and run the plugin. The **Edit** menu does not contain **Cut/​Copy/​Paste** but the keyboard shortcuts for these function can be used. Note that the name you choose for the plugin must include at least one underscore. \\
 +Use **Zap Gremlins** to find and delete extraneous non-code characters (these sometimes appear when cutting and pasting from another sources, for example email messages or some editors.
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