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 +====== Easily modify your ActionBar ======
 +This macro for ImageJ can be very useful in conjunction with the plug-in [[plugin:​utilities:​action_bar:​start|ActionBar]]. It offers operations to edit, extend and modify an ActionBar of your choice.  ​
 +===== What it does =====
 +{{ :​howto:​working:​actionbar_modifier.png|actionbar_modifier - screenshot}}
 +  * **run**: simply starts the chosen ActionBar
 +  * **open for edit**: opens the txt-file of your bar inside the editor
 +  * **backup (create)**: creates a backup name like your ActionBar + *.backup
 +  * **backup (restore)**:​ restores a backup if there is one available (if the ActionBar to be restored is currently open, it won't work)
 +  * **add row (after)**: creates a new row of buttons (tip: check "​create empty.png"​ to create a placeholder image)  ​
 +  * **add column (after)**: creates a new column of buttons (refer to the above)
 +  * **add column (before)**: creates a new column of buttons (refer to the above)
 +  * **switch button positions**:​ switches positions of two buttons and their underlying functionality ​
 +  * **trim rows**: trims the rows of buttons to a desired layout
 +  * **delete rows**: deletes a row  ​
 +  * **delete column**: deletes a column
 +  * **delete bar/​content**:​ if possible and not in use, the defined bar will be deleted, wiped and erased till it's all gone (bar + images + their folder)
 +===== Requirements =====
 +The macro should work with all ActionBars that follow a given convention. That means every button consists of six lines.. \\
 +<​button>​ 1 line 1
 +showMessage("​You pressed button 1 line 1");
 +===== What might come (no commitments) =====
 +  * "​update"​ operation (like ActionBar_Updater macro)
 +  * "​delete/​blank button"​ to wipe a button and make it blank
 +  * "​create button (wizard)"​ could be nice to create a button step by step without using an editor
 +===== Change-Log / Download =====
 +  * first "​public"​ version of macro 
 +Feel free to use and modify it. This macro was written to ease some processes here and other people may have other needs. ​
 +Regards, Rainer
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