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 +====== Easily update your ActionBar ======
 +Hello everyone,
 +I came across the need to update an ActionBar in a comfortable way,
 +since I had several makros which are "work in progress"​.
 +The attached script can be integrated in your ActionBar and used for
 +this task.
 +===== What it does =====
 +  * it looks for all connected makros (ijm-files) which are listed in your ActionBar.txt-file
 +  * if a makro ends with (i.e. *_v01.ijm), these files are checked for updates
 +  * if a new version is found (i.e. *_v03.ijm) these updates your ActionBar
 +  * after a restart of fiji you're up to date
 +===== Usage =====
 +  * change the variables in the config block (found top in the makro)
 +  * you're free to use *.ijm and *.txt-files in your ActionBar; for example:<​code>​runMacro("​C:​\\my_place_for_makros\\pretty-nice-stuff_v01.ijm"​)</​code> ​
 +===== Change-Log / Download =====
 +  * *.ijm and *.txt file-types work for makros
 +  * added config block at top
 +    * **ActBar**: change it to your ActionBar-file
 +    * **verbose **: prints to log or not (default: true)
 +    * **dialog**: prompts the user if updates were found (default: false)
 +  * uncommented lines are not searched for makros
 +  * bug fixed: update checker-loop had a bug in its routine
 +  * first version of makro
 +I tested it on Win and it should work on other architectures as well.
 +Feel free to use and modify it on your own risk.
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