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 +====== How to use the macro editor debug mode ======
 +David William Webster posted the following to the ImageJ mailing list. 
 +For those who haven’t tried to use the macro debug mode that is part of the
 +imageJ text editor, here are brief descriptions of each option.
 +**Debug** – Enters debug mode and opens a debug record window. The window
 +initially displays the memory usage, number of open images and the active
 +image’s title. The debugger is set to the first executable line of code. You
 +must be in debug mode for any of the following to work
 +**Step** – Steps through each line of code sequentially and displays the variable
 +names and values.
 +**Trace** - Runs the macro and displays variable names and values as they
 +are encountered.
 +**Fast Trace** - Same as above, but faster.
 +**Run** - Runs the macro the same as Macros/Run Macro command.
 +**Run to Insertion Point** - Runs macro to a point defined by left clicking the
 +mouse on a specific executable line of code.
 +**Abort** ​ -  Exits debug mode.
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