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 +====== Distribution Plotter ======
 +**Plots relative and cumulative frequencies on a double Y-axis graph of a measured parameter. **
 +=== Description ===
 +  * Part of [[http://​​BAR|BAR]]
 +  * Retrives relative and cumulative frequencies
 +  * Fits a Normal distribution to the histogram of relative frequencies
 +  * Offers [[http://​​wiki/​Histogram#​Number_of_bins_and_width|several methods]] to automatically determine the number of bins: Square root (used by e.g., M. Excel), Sturges',​ Scott'​s (used by ''​Analyze>​Distribution...''​) and Freedman–Diaconis'​
 +  * Further details [[https://​​tferr/​Scripts/​blob/​master/​Data_Analysis/​​distribution-plotter|here]]
 +{{ :​macro:​distributionplotterdemo.png |Distribution Plotter Screenshot}}
 +=== Requirements ===
 +ImageJ 1.48q or later. Use ''​Help>​Update ImageJ...''​ to upgrade to a newer version.  ​
 +=== Installation ===
 +  - Subscribe to the [[http://​​BAR#​Installation|BAR update site]] in [[http://​​|Fiji]]. Alternatively,​ download the latest version of ''​Distribution Plotter''​ from [[https://​​tferr/​Scripts/​blob/​master/​Data_Analysis/​Distribution_Plotter.ijm?​raw=true|GitHub]] (direct link).
 +  - Place the file in the ''​ImageJ/​plugins/''​ or ''​​plugins/''​ folder (or subfolder).
 +  - The command ''​Distribution Plotter''​ will be listed in the ''​Plugins>''​ menu after running ''​Help>​Refresh Menus''​.
 +=== Notes ===
 +  * On imported tables: ImageJ typically pads columns with different number of rows with //0//. Such data points can be ignored by checking the //Ignore zeros// checkbox
 +  * NaN (Not a Number) entries are ignored
 +  * Distribution tables can be accessed through the //List//, //Save...// and //Copy...// buttons of the plot window: //X0//: Bin start, //Y0//: Relative frequencies;​ //X1//: Values, //Y1//: Cumulative frequencies
 +Keywords: Analyze particles, Distribution,​ Histogram, Frequencies,​ Descriptive Statistics, BAR
 + --- //​[[:​users:​tferreira|Tiago Ferreira]] 2014/06/19 23:11//
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