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Details about multi-colocalisation analysis

With the plugin 3DMultiColoc and 3DMereoTopology you can quantify the relationships between objects.

MultiColoc will compute all the colocalisation between all possible pairs of objects, each type of object will be defined in a separate labelled image. The colocalisation is defined here as the volume of the intersection between two objects.

Example of multiColoc analysis

In this example left image(A) has 6 objects and right image(B) has 4 objects. The ColocAll results table display all the possible colocalisation between objects in A and objects in B. Objects are labelled with their pixel value in the image. Object A1 correspond to object having value 1 in image A. Same for objects in B, they are labelled with their pixel values.

The ColocOnly results table display for each object A the list of objects in B colocalised with the object in A, O is the object value in B, V is the colocalised volume between object A and object B, and P is the percentage of object in A colocalised with object in B.

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